How many calories are there in caramel cream?

The caramel cream contains on average 150 calories per 100 grams. This number varies depending on the brand chosen or the ingredients selected for a homemade recipe.

Calories and nutritional value of caramel cream
The caramel cream provides 150 kcal per 100 grams, including 4g of fat, 23g of carbohydrates, and 4.5g of protein.

So it is a rich dessert that is not necessarily recommended when dieting. As part of the Weight Watchers diet, a caramel cream jar counts for 2 ½ points.

In general, it is better to opt  niwali keto for more “light” dairy desserts on a daily basis, such as a yoghurt with honey or sweetener, or white cheese with applesauce.

Nothing, however, prevents pleasure from time to time, especially as there are easy and light recipes. Better to favor a homemade dessert than to opt for a cream of the dairy type, which is not controlled composition. In case of pregnancy, it is important to have the opinion of your doctor on the most suitable diet.

Homemade caramel cream recipe
– 1L of skimmed milk
– 8 organic eggs
– 100g of powdered sugar
– 1 packet of vanilla powder (or 1 vanilla pod)
– liquid caramel

1 – Mix sugar and eggs (with thermomix for example)
2 – Warm the milk and then add it with the vanilla to the preparation
3 – Mix again
4 – Put some caramel in the bottom of the ramekins
5 – Place in the fridge and allow to set
6 – Pour the mixture over the layer of caramel in each of the ramekins
7 – Place in a bain-marie
8 – Allow a cooking time of 1 / 2h at 180 ° C (thermostat 6)

Let cool a few hours before tasting.

Origin and composition of caramel cream
Caramel cream is also called caramel flan (flado, in ancient German, meaning “cake”). It is tasted all over the world with different flavors (salted butter, with coconut, with milk jam or dulce de leche, prepared in a bain-marie, oven or microwave, thick or more liquid …)

Its origin is poorly known, but its notoriety makes it present and appreciated on all continents.
In any case, its base is from eggs, sugar, milk and a vanilla pod. Some people add gelatin to the preparation.

How many calories in coriander seeds?

How many calories in coriander seeds?

Used since ancient times to season dishes, coriander is one of the popular herbs . And if you like its fresh leaves, its seeds also find many jobs in cooking.

Their only fault is their calories. With almost 300 kcal per 100 grams , coriander seeds are actually not light. But given the small amount that is consumed, is it really worth it?

Calories: Do coriander seeds make you fat?
In ordinary quantities, coriander seeds will probably have no negative impact on your line , even if you consume very often. So if you appreciate their fresh aromas, do not deprive them on the pretext that they are caloric!

In addition, using coriander seeds to flavor your dishes can help reduce the need for salt , a flavor enhancer that is too much used: this will limit water retention, a weight gain factor, while protecting your health. .

The use of coriander seeds in the kitchen
To enjoy the virtues and taste of coriander seeds in the kitchen, here are some practical tips:

– Versatile, coriander seeds are very good pickles pickles , shrimp, white meat , roast pork or fish recipes.

– So that coriander seeds can release all their flavors, they must be grinded with a mill. Then add to your dish, preferably at the end of cooking.

– But you can also choose to quickly roast the coriander seeds, leave whole in the pan. Just be careful not to let them burn!

The healthy virtues of coriander seeds?
Allied with digestion, coriander seeds help limit bloating and flatulence . Consumed as herbal tea, they even have an action against stomach cramps.

In addition, coriander seeds have healthy virtues, because of their antioxidants: admittedly fewer than in the leaves of the plant, the latter, on the other hand, include flavonoids (the antioxidants of green tea!).

Finally, coriander seeds have an interesting nutritional value: rich in vitamins and iron , they also provide, among other minerals, magnesium. And besides, they are long-lasting and very cheap. Choose instead organic seeds, in order to benefit from a maximum of benefits.

And if the experience tempts you, opt for sprouted seeds: they will be all the more nutritious.

If you like the taste, coriander seeds are welcome in your menus, even if you’re on a diet! Despite their calories, they will not make you fat.

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Where to find animal protein?

What is animal protein? These are nutrients from animals. They are part of our diet, as are carbohydrates and sugar (in small quantities) including.

Où trouver les protéines animales ?

Some diets are even based on daily and almost exclusive consumption of protein to lose weight. The best known is the Dukan diet. This protein intake can not be neglected and it avoids fat gain.

In addition to a sports practice like bodybuilding, where to find animal protein and what foods are concerned?

Many animal proteins can be found in eggs because they are foods that are 12% composed of them. Egg yolk is richer in protein than white. These proteins are considered a reference because of their important amino acid composition, fully absorbable by our body.

What’s better than meat to get a high content of animal protein? With an average of about 20% protein, meat is a great way to bring this kind of essential nutrients to your body.

The one that contains the most is obviously the flank of beef (with more than 30% protein), followed by the beef fillet. Also know that the cooking method is not something innocuous. Indeed, if you choose a long cooking mode, the food will lose water but will have a higher protein content. Pork and steak are also particularly interesting to bring you the essential proteins everyday.

Milk powder alone contains more than 35% protein. It is also very rich in calcium, particularly beneficial for your bones. This is the winner in this list. Know that all milks are rich in protein.

Although some cheeses contain more protein than others (like Parmesan for example), they all have a significant content of animal protein. Those with uncooked pressed paste contain more than soft and marbled cheeses.

It is an excellent source of protein, but also of many other nutrients and vitamins, particularly important for our body. Fish has an average of 22% animal protein. The one that contains the most is tuna. On average, fish should be consumed at least twice a week, including oily fish such as salmon. The smaller the fish, the lighter it is in heavy metals. Sardines and other small fish are therefore recommended.

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Savory essential oil: what benefits during pregnancy?

Savory essential oil: what benefits during pregnancy?

Nicknamed “pepper” or “herb of Saint Julien”, the savory remains an aromatic plant with condiments and medicinal properties . However, the use of its essential oil during pregnancy should be given special attention.

The benefits of aromatherapy to savory during pregnancy
Pregnancy is a happy time in life, but it can be accompanied by stress and anxiety . Aromatherapy can better appreciate this important moment of a woman’s life, with serenity and joy. Provided that its use is made with common sense and sparing.

That’s why the benefits of aromatherapy need to be nuanced during pregnancy. From the 4th month on and exclusively on medical advice, the precious essential oil based on thyme with leaves of savory can be used by the pregnant woman.

Presenting anti-infectious properties, savory EO is able to fight fungi , viruses and bacteria. Anti-pathogenic, it is effective in relieving digestive disorders, pain, mild tension, urinary tract infection or cystitis. With its therapeutic properties, it ensures a light digestion and prevents states of general fatigue.

As an aromatic plant, savory is generally beneficial to pregnancy. Thanks to its magnesium content, it strengthens the body and reduces stress . It also helps to sleep better and stops cramps. Used as an infusion or herbal tea, it also has the ability to reduce contractions. If it is eaten fresh or dried, its essential oil must be used with the utmost caution.

Use of HE: precautions to take during pregnancy
As a general rule, essential oils should be used with the utmost caution in pregnant and lactating women, but also in infants and young children (under 15 years). Savory essential oil should be avoided by people with liver problems and high blood pressure.

Used sparingly, aromatherapy can be dangerous for pregnancy. Unless medical advice, it is not recommended to use it during the first trimester, at the risk of causing poisoning of the fetus. In all cases, the dermal route should be preferred over the oral route, with a dilution in a vegetable oil (up to 10 to 20%).

It is essential to avoid exposure to the sun after application of these complex oils. The duration of use of EOs should be short. And you should avoid applying these HE on the near parts of the baby, like the abdominal belt. Each essential oil has a specific dosage and must be strictly adhered to.

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Egg white powder protein to promote bodybuilding?

Egg white powder protein to promote bodybuilding?

Although powdered egg white protein has long been coveted by bodybuilding aficionados and top athletes, it is now often neglected for other types of dietary supplements.

Easily integrated into a specific diet for muscle growth, it is not to everyone’s taste , but has undeniable advantages, which counterbalance effectively with its disadvantages.

The benefits and benefits of egg white protein during bodybuilding
With a protein level much higher than many foods , including meat, the egg white contains all the amino acids necessary for the growth of muscle mass, especially during the practice of muscu. Its percentage of glutamine, the most abundant amino acid in the muscles of our body , makes it a real asset for anyone who practices high level sport.

Lactose free , egg white protein is suitable for sensitive or intolerant people. Its assimilation phase is extremely slow, which allows the body to enjoy the benefits of amino acids throughout the day, or even at night if you consume before bedtime. Finally, organic egg white protein is easily cooked by incorporating into recipes such as cakes or pancakes.

The disadvantages of egg white protein
Opinions about egg white protein are not only favorable. First of all, its fairly high price discourages some consumers who prefer to turn to other types of supplements . Its taste is also quite pronounced, and the powder does not always incorporate very homogeneously different recipes that would make it more pleasant in the mouth.

In addition, some people have real difficulties in digesting raw egg white , which causes gastric discomfort and prevents the perfect assimilation of amino acids. Egg white protein, like many of its peers, has advantages and disadvantages that depend on each athlete.

What is egg white protein?
Prepared to promote the development of muscle mass, egg white protein now benefits from a modern manufacturing method.

The whites are first separated from the yolks in order to keep only the richest part of the egg protein , leaving the more fat-laden part. The PH is then fixed at 7 during a stabilization phase, followed by fermentation using bacteria and enzymes.

The liquid is then dried and then pasteurized to provide a quality product whose nutrients have not been denatured.

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Difficult digestion: 10 effective grandmother’s remedies!

Difficult digestion: 10 effective grandmother's remedies!

It is never pleasant to have a slowed down digestion which then causes different stomach upset. In order to avoid taking medications, choose these 10 natural tips that will prevent slow digestion and help you digest better after a meal too rich.

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The 10 remedies of grandmothers for easy digestion
– The bicarbonate fight against stomach upset. To do this, dilute half a teaspoon in a large glass of water.

– Mint soothes gastric irritations and also has anesthetic properties.

– Ginger is one of the most effective remedies against difficult digestion . In powder or fresh pieces, it is consumed in dishes and herbal tea.

– Parsley is an aromatic plant that facilitates digestion. Boil a few branches in a cup of water and add a little honey.

– Coriander acts like parsley and reduces digestive spasms.

– Thyme has a strong disinfecting power and will purify the digestive tract to soothe belly pains.

– Fennel seeds are also a suitable solution. You can simply chew some seeds and let it work.

– Black radish is known to reduce bloating and promote digestion.

– Clove is a clever remedy that can calm a bad digestion in addition to soothe the gastric irritations.

– Cinnamon, powder or stick is a safe bet especially in case of aerophagia and bloating.

Food to drink in herbal tea
In order to enjoy the benefits of these foods on your digestion slowed down, it is better to consume them as an infusion . For that, it is enough to let them infuse in a volume of boiling water a few minutes and to drink this lukewarm tisane and in sips.

What is digestion?
Digestion is the process by which the stomach will keep the right nutrients and get rid of waste. This operation usually takes up to 24 hours. However, a slow digestion causes many inconveniences such as constipation, bloating or a feeling of heaviness. In addition to good drinking and daily exercise, it is important to choose fiber-rich foods . You must know that eating healthy and not too much is the key to good digestion.

To make your digestion difficult and feel lighter, do not forget to try these 10 remedies that work for sure.

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Witch hazel: benefits against water retention?

Water retention is a recurring problem for many people. Witch hazel is a plant whose properties are known for its benefits.

The benefits of witch hazel
What is witch hazel? It is a shrub whose leaves are reminiscent of those of hazel. It is sometimes called hazel hazel. This plant has many medicinal properties. Several health authorities, such as the World Health Organization, Commission E and ESCOP, recognize its effectiveness.

You may be wondering: what’s the use of witch hazel?

Hamamelis is rich in flavonoids and tannins, the benefits of which are known to tighten blood vessels and tissues.

This is why it is used in bath against hemorrhoids. But it helps to fight against edema and reduce cellulite, resulting in weight loss on the scale and a loss of centimeters.

Use of witch hazel
My legs are swollen, I feel heavy, how to do? To take advantage of the virtues of witch hazel, several solutions are available to you, among which:

– In herbal tea: prepare a mixture that consists of 25 g of red vine and 25 g of witch hazel. Mix and then take 5 grams of the mixture that you infuse into 250 ml of liquid to obtain an herbal tea to drink. Keep the rest of the mixture to make other herbal teas during the day (up to 3 per day)

– In homeopathy, take 5 granules twice a day

– In massage: mix a tablespoon of witch hazel water with a teaspoon of cornstarch and half a glass of Aloe Vera gel. Pour into a saucepan, heat in a bain-marie to obtain a satisfactory consistency, then let cool

You can also find witch hazel in a multitude of forms: cream, gel, drops, gelules, organic essential oil …

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, seek the advice of a health professional before testing these methods, it can inform you about the different cons indication.

Other tips for finding a pretty skin
Follow these tips to say goodbye to swelling, in life nothing is all black or white, everything is about nuances and good behavior:

– Drink enough each day, without overdoing it (1.5 L on average) – Practice a regular activity, even a simple walk- Do not wear clothes too tight- Make sure you have a balanced diet- Do not abuse coffee and the alcohol

The witch hazel is an effective and natural plant to find a tonic body and without swelling.

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How many calories in the orgeat?

How many calories in orgeat

On average, there is 50 kcal in a serving of orgeat . The number is greater when it comes to syrup. Very refreshing and with a particularly pronounced taste, the orgeat was originally made with barley, present in beer.

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It is now prized by many people. During the hot summer days, we appreciate its fresh and mild side. It also has significant nutritional value and is one of the healthiest drinks on the market.

The benefits of orgeat during a diet
During your diet, you will enjoy consuming orgeat. Indeed, provided you do not add sugar, the orgeat contains much less calories than sodas like Coca-Cola or other energy drinks . It is perfect to serve as a little sweet pleasure, to eat at snack or after a meal.

However, avoid drinking at night before going to bed. On the one hand, it could slow down your sleep and also make you fat in the medium and long term. Anyway, if you consume it punctually as a small pleasure, you do not have to worry about your silhouette.

The orgeat will not make you gain weight. It also contains a high carbohydrate content , which makes it a real source of energy, tasty and healthy.

Recipe idea of ​​artisanal orgeat
– 500 g of almond powder – 1 l of water – 350 g of sweetener – 1 teaspoon of anise or orange blossom – 1 teaspoon of strawberry flavor (optional)

– Place the almonds in a bowl and pour the water while turning to obtain a smooth paste. Pour the milk on a cloth on a sieve. Press with a spoon so that the liquid passes well. – Place the almond milk in a bain-marie and melt the sweetener. – Add the orange blossom or anise and the strawberry if you have chosen it. Pass the syrup through the sieve- let cool and place in bottle. You can use it especially in a gourmet dessert.

Other virtues of orgeat on our body
The orgeat also has many virtues for our body every day thanks to its composition. Indeed, it is a source of many minerals, such as calcium , magnesium and phosphorus.

It is rich in vitamin C and also vitamin E, which is very useful for effectively fighting cholesterol . This makes it an important ally for people who are starting a low-calorie diet and who suffer from cholesterol. Provided of course not to consume too much. It’s all about moderation. The orgeat also has digestive properties thanks to its content of starch and amino acids.

Digestion is thus particularly improved . The orgeat mainly improves the absorption of lipids and carbohydrates. It is a powerful diuretic that does not cause water retention. It is also a solution to fight the symptoms related to diarrhea. Since it does not have any exciting, it can be consumed even by children or the elderly.

It is also devoid of any trace of sodium , making it a food that can be consumed by people starting a diet without sodium or for those with high blood pressure. Finally, the orgeat is ideal for people allergic to milk or fruit sugar and breastfeeding.

It is gluten free . You will be able to refresh yourself and enjoy a sweet moment without fear. Without fructose and lactose , it is suitable for most of the population.

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Can we reduce stretch marks with a horsehair glove?

Considered by our grandmothers as an effective tool to exfoliate the skin, the horsehair glove is a multifunctional beauty accessory in the bathroom. If it is known to cure or prevent cellulite, ingrown hairs or prepare the epidermis for hair removal, the horsehair glove also reduces stretch marks by promoting good hydration of the skin.

Reduce stretch marks with the horsehair glove
Unsightly, purplish or even white streaks can be avoided or reduced thanks to natural solutions that have proved their worth. The use of the horsehair glove is part of these natural tips. “How can I use the horsehair glove to fade stretch marks? “.

This beauty accessory for the skin proves its effectiveness in reducing stretch marks by its great ability to remove dead skin. A good skin exfoliation promotes optimal hydration, very important to maintain the flexibility and beauty of the skin, and thereby make it more resistant.

With this in mind, we will use the horsehair glove to gently rub the affected areas in circular movements from bottom to top. Said zones will be moistened before applying a moisturizer.

Beauty ritual anti-stretch marks: the use of a horsehair glove
By using a horsehair glove for an effective scrub of the epidermis, one will take care not to rub too strongly the skin under pain of attacking and / or irritating it even more. On moist skin, the brushing effect of the accessory will activate the blood and lymphatic circulation. It also promotes cell renewal. Thoroughly cleansed, the skin absorbs better the moisturizing product, which will preferably be argan oil, castor oil or even aloe vera. A horsehair exfoliation once a week may be enough to keep skin healthy, soft and reduce stretch marks.

Horsehair glove to fight against stretch marks: precautions to take
Made with long hairs more or less rough of vegetable or animal origin, the horsehair glove is a sort of glove or stressed toilet sponge whose roughness can be aggressive for sensitive skin.

People with fragile skin will then choose a soft horsehair glove such as loofah, while those with circulatory problems will avoid using it simply.

In order not to irritate the skin, we will always favor soft friction after a bath or a cold shower. The massages will be short, between 3 to 5 minutes.

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Examples of Diet-Free Breakfast Menus

Contrary to what one might imagine, the diet without residues is not primarily intended to lose weight . Generally used before a colonoscopy type examination or before surgery, it reduces the risk of irritation of the digestive system.

Here are some examples of a typical breakfast menu from the no-residue diet.

Examples of Diet-Free Breakfast Menus

The fundamentals of the no-residue diet
The no-residue diet aims to reduce or even completely eliminate the fibers of the diet . Indeed the fibers or residues have difficulty to be assimilated by the digestive system and stagnate long in the stomach. The body will have to work more, the intestines will get tired more quickly and therefore become more fragile over time.

The idea is to eliminate certain foods like milk, dairy products, meats, cooked fats (bacon, cooked butter) , cooked eggs, all fruits and vegetables, sauces, condiments, fish in sauce or raw , wholemeal bread and some sweet products such as ice cream or jam.

In contrast, lean meats (poultry, ham), filleted fish, cereals, crustaceans , white bread and vegetable broths are preferred.

No-residue diet: breakfast menu ideas
Day 1
Tea or light coffee, sugar
Regular bread or rusks, butter
Honey or jelly
Day 2
Madeleine with dark chocolate (or other biscuits)
Fruit jelly (currants, apples)
Day 3
Orange juice
Rice pudding (lactose free)
Day 4
Light coffee, a little sugar
4 rusks, butter
Yogurt with soy milk
Day 5
Semolina cake (lactose free)
Day 6
Fruit juice (apple or grape juice)
Nutella Rusks
The after-diet without residue
Once the diet is over, it will be necessary to gradually reintroduce the various fibers in its diet. In the case of a strict no-residue diet, fiber, lactose and starch should be differentiated separately at the time of reintroduction . For fruits, the ideal is to start with the compote .

Vegetable side we choose the poorest fiber such as green beans, asparagus tips or tomatoes . The semi-skimmed milk is then re-introduced, then the dairy products and finally the raw vegetables and peeled fruits.

The no-residue diet is a one-time diet over a few days. It is important to remember that this is not a diet and it should not be renewed too often to avoid possible deficiencies including vitamin C and potassium.

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