Can we reduce stretch marks with a horsehair glove?

Considered by our grandmothers as an effective tool to exfoliate the skin, the horsehair glove is a multifunctional beauty accessory in the bathroom. If it is known to cure or prevent cellulite, ingrown hairs or prepare the epidermis for hair removal, the horsehair glove also reduces stretch marks by promoting good hydration of the skin.

Reduce stretch marks with the horsehair glove
Unsightly, purplish or even white streaks can be avoided or reduced thanks to natural solutions that have proved their worth. The use of the horsehair glove is part of these natural tips. “How can I use the horsehair glove to fade stretch marks? “.

This beauty accessory for the skin proves its effectiveness in reducing stretch marks by its great ability to remove dead skin. A good skin exfoliation promotes optimal hydration, very important to maintain the flexibility and beauty of the skin, and thereby make it more resistant.

With this in mind, we will use the horsehair glove to gently rub the affected areas in circular movements from bottom to top. Said zones will be moistened before applying a moisturizer.

Beauty ritual anti-stretch marks: the use of a horsehair glove
By using a horsehair glove for an effective scrub of the epidermis, one will take care not to rub too strongly the skin under pain of attacking and / or irritating it even more. On moist skin, the brushing effect of the accessory will activate the blood and lymphatic circulation. It also promotes cell renewal. Thoroughly cleansed, the skin absorbs better the moisturizing product, which will preferably be argan oil, castor oil or even aloe vera. A horsehair exfoliation once a week may be enough to keep skin healthy, soft and reduce stretch marks.

Horsehair glove to fight against stretch marks: precautions to take
Made with long hairs more or less rough of vegetable or animal origin, the horsehair glove is a sort of glove or stressed toilet sponge whose roughness can be aggressive for sensitive skin.

People with fragile skin will then choose a soft horsehair glove such as loofah, while those with circulatory problems will avoid using it simply.

In order not to irritate the skin, we will always favor soft friction after a bath or a cold shower. The massages will be short, between 3 to 5 minutes.

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