Difficult digestion: 10 effective grandmother’s remedies!

Difficult digestion: 10 effective grandmother's remedies!

It is never pleasant to have a slowed down digestion which then causes different stomach upset. In order to avoid taking medications, choose these 10 natural tips that will prevent slow digestion and help you digest better after a meal too rich.

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The 10 remedies of grandmothers for easy digestion
– The bicarbonate fight against stomach upset. To do this, dilute half a teaspoon in a large glass of water.

– Mint soothes gastric irritations and also has anesthetic properties.

– Ginger is one of the most effective remedies against difficult digestion . In powder or fresh pieces, it is consumed in dishes and herbal tea.

– Parsley is an aromatic plant that facilitates digestion. Boil a few branches in a cup of water and add a little honey.

– Coriander acts like parsley and reduces digestive spasms.

– Thyme has a strong disinfecting power and will purify the digestive tract to soothe belly pains.

– Fennel seeds are also a suitable solution. You can simply chew some seeds and let it work.

– Black radish is known to reduce bloating and promote digestion.

– Clove is a clever remedy that can calm a bad digestion in addition to soothe the gastric irritations.

– Cinnamon, powder or stick is a safe bet especially in case of aerophagia and bloating.

Food to drink in herbal tea
In order to enjoy the benefits of these foods on your digestion slowed down, it is better to consume them as an infusion . For that, it is enough to let them infuse in a volume of boiling water a few minutes and to drink this lukewarm tisane and in sips.

What is digestion?
Digestion is the process by which the stomach will keep the right nutrients and get rid of waste. This operation usually takes up to 24 hours. However, a slow digestion causes many inconveniences such as constipation, bloating or a feeling of heaviness. In addition to good drinking and daily exercise, it is important to choose fiber-rich foods . You must know that eating healthy and not too much is the key to good digestion.

To make your digestion difficult and feel lighter, do not forget to try these 10 remedies that work for sure.

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