Does she like sex?

Sexy clothing, naughty smile: From a distance, it seems obvious to you, but appearances are sometimes deceptive … How do you know if she really lets go of the duvet? Follow our guide and flush out the best shots. By Jasmine Saunier

Before approaching her, take the time to look at her. Know how to detach yourself from the image she wants to give of herself and track the essential signs.

… she displays her femininity
Sexy skirts make you an eye, it is biologically programmed. But the essential is not there: you have to trust your feeling rather than your eyes. The outfit is much less important than the way it is worn. No need for microshort or cleavage that tarvos testo stings the eyes; a woman who loves sex wears it on her. She is perfectly comfortable in her body, without apologizing for being beautiful. ” She dares to show herself and naturally highlights her femininity,” says Dr. Patrice Cudicio, a sexologist. ” She accepts without problem that men want her. It goes beyond any clothes ” . Attention, we do not tell you that a girl frumpy is necessarily a good plan! But be careful what it releases rather than what it shows.

… Her step shows that she is sure of herself
According to a recent study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, his walk could be a clue to his sexual abilities. Professor Stuart Brody, from the University of Western Scotland, discovered that women who had vaginal orgasms were moving in a particular way. Their steps would be freer, longer, and their pelvis more mobile. ” Concretely, the anatomical characteristics of a woman could more or less predispose her to know the vaginal orgasm , ” concludes the zealous scientist. But beware of those who do too much! If she’s hot as a radiator and literally masturbates against you while dancing, it’s fishy. ” She caricatures by imitating what she believes to be a sexy woman, “says Dr. Cudicio. “She wants to do well, but she forces herself, it’s not natural . ” A truly sensual woman does not need to do too much to attract men, and she knows it.

Pay attention to other things than his words. The intonations of his voice and his way of looking at you say even more!

… she is smiling and cool
Is his voice soft or dry when you approach him, is he even a little aggressive? A woman who loves to enjoy likes to have fun and relax. She may tell you she is not interested, but she will do it gently, laughing. If it is unpleasant, there are only two possible explanations: your introduction was too brutal, or she is not the one with whom you will break out later. As your work of approach was obviously exemplary, with this devastating humor and this stunning delicacy that characterizes you, she should not have bitten. ” A woman who loves men has no reason to have a priori unfavorable,” says Dr. Cudicio. ” Those who are on the defensive are not comfortable with sexuality and contact with men in general .

… She supports your eyes
The look that goes directly to your fly, as in magazines, is rather rare in real life: this is not really a woman’s language. If by chance you come across one like this, tell yourself that there is a good chance she is just looking to have fun with her girlfriends. It will not take you very far. ” The more expressive look does not mean that she offers you her sex,” says Dr. Cudicio. ” It’s the one who really opens a door on her, when the woman lets herself see her”. If she plays, she knows what she’s doing, and what she wants. Good news: it will probably give you the instructions as soon as you get down to business! If, in addition, her eyes shine and her pupils widen, it means she is already excited …

Test his instinctive reactions to physical contact, and see if they do not contradict his words …

… she lets herself be touched
A woman who loves sex is not afraid of contact and will be easily touched by hand, shoulder or back, even without the slightest thought (which is not your case, of course). If she recoils or cringes at the first touch, it is because she does not like the physical contact, or even she dreads it a little, often for fear of not being up to it. Another subtle hint: its fragrance. Is it any way or does it surprise you? ” A scent that sticks to the skin and enhances the natural smell is very revealing,” says Dr. Cudicio. ” A woman who puts too much, it is not good sign, any more than if she did not put any at all”. Sensuality is a way of life: the woman you are looking for finds pleasure through her five senses …

… She takes her foot kissing you
Before addressing this crucial moment, watch her lips (but not for what you imagine). According to Professor Stuart Brody, an upper lip whose central part is well drawn is a sign of a predisposition to vaginal orgasm. Proof in support with a study published in the very serious Journal of Sexual Medicine! Your observation was conclusive? Start and kiss her. This kiss will tell you everything from the events. She’s a little tense, lips tight? If she does not like to kiss, chances are she does not really like sex. ” The deep kiss mimics sexual intercourse,” says Dr. Cudicio. ” If she gives you your kiss, she wants to participate actively in this exchange, this interpenetration”.

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