Fluted and diet compatible?

A French specialty from Bordeaux, the cannelés are small cakes with a golden crust and a soft heart, delicately scented with vanilla and rum. A delight to which the French do not resist and that we appreciate in the whole world! But is the fluted a treat for your slimming diet or your dietary requirements?

Is the fluted a healthy and healthy food?
Very sweet and loaded with butter, the fluted, if it is delicious, is unfortunately far from light and without consequences with 126 kcal per 100g! But do not banish it so fast prime slim forskolin from our plates.

If the fluted trade is saturated in fat and sweet, it is possible to adapt the recipe to your taste but also to your diet, whether it is gluten-free, vegan, pregnant or weight watchers dictated!

The grooved under all the seams!
Usually sweetened, sometimes with a dash of lemon, a spoon of chocolate, coconut chips or even nature, the fluted can yet show a different face! Why not get started with custom-made, personalized and even … salted flutes!

Let your imagination speak: a batch of salted fluted gruyere and grilled bacon? Roquefort, Emmental and County for a fluted three cheese that your guests will remember?

Goat, salmon and spinach for classic spirits or even foie gras for special occasions!

An easy recipe of traditional fluted, to adapt at home!
50 cl of milk
2 whole eggs
1 tsp of vanilla extract
1 tablespoons rum
120 g of flour
250 g of sugar
50 g of butter
Boil the milk and vanilla extract, add the butter. Book. Mix the flour, sugar and eggs, beat quickly. Add the previously reserved mix. Once the dough is smooth and smooth, add the rum and let stand for one hour. Preheat the oven to 180 ° and pour the mixture into a silicone fluted mold. Cooking time: 1h20, until the crust is brown and golden. Let cool and gently unmold. Enjoy, it’s ready!

This simple and fast recipe is adapted to your tastes. Add your favorite vegetables, zucchini or pepper for a touch of color! Chorizo ​​or tuna for a little taste of the Mediterranean? Nutella to taste it? Everything is possible and the canelé will lend itself perfectly to all your culinary experiments. Make your guests salivate!

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