Ginger and garlic mixture to lose weight?

Each of them, these two ingredients accumulate the virtues slimming and the health benefits: inflammatory properties, purifying action and diuretic effect. If you dare to associate them, in an infusion for example, you will greatly increase the impact of these two foods with high potential.

Understand the relevance of this unusual association
Powdered, organic and inserted in your diet, these two ingredients sometimes forgotten at the bottom of the cupboard can do you many services. First, you will be able to enjoy a healthy and especially fast detox drink to prepare (thermomix) Its role goes far beyond.

Targeting digestion, your belly will free itself from bloating. When consumed in the morning, your infusion will release a powerful antioxidant effect throughout the day.

What results do you expect from this association?
Its nutritional value being particularly interesting, you will boost your body deeply. By acting on the level of digestion, you will also allow it to better eliminate various toxins and unwanted fats. The expected detox action is even more complete: drainage, cholesterol regulation, hydration, soothing cramps, fight against water retention and cellulite, stress reduction, thinning.

Give me an easy recipe!
If these two foods are often combined in capsules, the infusion takes on a more warm and pleasant character. Here’s how to prepare one.

1 liter of water
Ginger (root)
Garlic cloves (3 or 4)
Optional: 1 lemon and cinnamon
Boil the water and pour it into a suitable container.Hash out your two main ingredients before adding them to the hot water.Some slices of lemon and cinnamon powder can decorate the whole: to do this, cut out fine slices and integrate them to your infusion with cinnamon. Duration of the infusion: all night for a tasting on waking the next morning.

Good to know :
The effects do not appear for several days, so you will have to be patient.Ginger is particularly beneficial for the pregnant woman for the duration of her pregnancy, so you risk nothing and can test this new slimming recipe without delay. The pregnant woman finds a great ally to fight against morning sickness, heartburn and other minor pains.

In addition to an obvious slimming effect, you will find in this alliance of flavors an effective remedy against many small daily ills. Lose weight and take care of yourself and your health at the same time, here is an attractive idea!

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