How many calories in coriander seeds?

How many calories in coriander seeds?

Used since ancient times to season dishes, coriander is one of the popular herbs . And if you like its fresh leaves, its seeds also find many jobs in cooking.

Their only fault is their calories. With almost 300 kcal per 100 grams , coriander seeds are actually not light. But given the small amount that is consumed, is it really worth it?

Calories: Do coriander seeds make you fat?
In ordinary quantities, coriander seeds will probably have no negative impact on your line , even if you consume very often. So if you appreciate their fresh aromas, do not deprive them on the pretext that they are caloric!

In addition, using coriander seeds to flavor your dishes can help reduce the need for salt , a flavor enhancer that is too much used: this will limit water retention, a weight gain factor, while protecting your health. .

The use of coriander seeds in the kitchen
To enjoy the virtues and taste of coriander seeds in the kitchen, here are some practical tips:

– Versatile, coriander seeds are very good pickles pickles , shrimp, white meat , roast pork or fish recipes.

– So that coriander seeds can release all their flavors, they must be grinded with a mill. Then add to your dish, preferably at the end of cooking.

– But you can also choose to quickly roast the coriander seeds, leave whole in the pan. Just be careful not to let them burn!

The healthy virtues of coriander seeds?
Allied with digestion, coriander seeds help limit bloating and flatulence . Consumed as herbal tea, they even have an action against stomach cramps.

In addition, coriander seeds have healthy virtues, because of their antioxidants: admittedly fewer than in the leaves of the plant, the latter, on the other hand, include flavonoids (the antioxidants of green tea!).

Finally, coriander seeds have an interesting nutritional value: rich in vitamins and iron , they also provide, among other minerals, magnesium. And besides, they are long-lasting and very cheap. Choose instead organic seeds, in order to benefit from a maximum of benefits.

And if the experience tempts you, opt for sprouted seeds: they will be all the more nutritious.

If you like the taste, coriander seeds are welcome in your menus, even if you’re on a diet! Despite their calories, they will not make you fat.

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