How many calories in the orgeat?

How many calories in orgeat

On average, there is 50 kcal in a serving of orgeat . The number is greater when it comes to syrup. Very refreshing and with a particularly pronounced taste, the orgeat was originally made with barley, present in beer.

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It is now prized by many people. During the hot summer days, we appreciate its fresh and mild side. It also has significant nutritional value and is one of the healthiest drinks on the market.

The benefits of orgeat during a diet
During your diet, you will enjoy consuming orgeat. Indeed, provided you do not add sugar, the orgeat contains much less calories than sodas like Coca-Cola or other energy drinks . It is perfect to serve as a little sweet pleasure, to eat at snack or after a meal.

However, avoid drinking at night before going to bed. On the one hand, it could slow down your sleep and also make you fat in the medium and long term. Anyway, if you consume it punctually as a small pleasure, you do not have to worry about your silhouette.

The orgeat will not make you gain weight. It also contains a high carbohydrate content , which makes it a real source of energy, tasty and healthy.

Recipe idea of ​​artisanal orgeat
– 500 g of almond powder – 1 l of water – 350 g of sweetener – 1 teaspoon of anise or orange blossom – 1 teaspoon of strawberry flavor (optional)

– Place the almonds in a bowl and pour the water while turning to obtain a smooth paste. Pour the milk on a cloth on a sieve. Press with a spoon so that the liquid passes well. – Place the almond milk in a bain-marie and melt the sweetener. – Add the orange blossom or anise and the strawberry if you have chosen it. Pass the syrup through the sieve- let cool and place in bottle. You can use it especially in a gourmet dessert.

Other virtues of orgeat on our body
The orgeat also has many virtues for our body every day thanks to its composition. Indeed, it is a source of many minerals, such as calcium , magnesium and phosphorus.

It is rich in vitamin C and also vitamin E, which is very useful for effectively fighting cholesterol . This makes it an important ally for people who are starting a low-calorie diet and who suffer from cholesterol. Provided of course not to consume too much. It’s all about moderation. The orgeat also has digestive properties thanks to its content of starch and amino acids.

Digestion is thus particularly improved . The orgeat mainly improves the absorption of lipids and carbohydrates. It is a powerful diuretic that does not cause water retention. It is also a solution to fight the symptoms related to diarrhea. Since it does not have any exciting, it can be consumed even by children or the elderly.

It is also devoid of any trace of sodium , making it a food that can be consumed by people starting a diet without sodium or for those with high blood pressure. Finally, the orgeat is ideal for people allergic to milk or fruit sugar and breastfeeding.

It is gluten free . You will be able to refresh yourself and enjoy a sweet moment without fear. Without fructose and lactose , it is suitable for most of the population.

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