Men’s detox program

As in many other areas, a man does not approach a detox cure like a woman does, simply because her body has different needs .

So how to change your diet to start a detox week under good hospices? Here are some basic rules so that your diet during these seven days does not present any deficiencies and brings you only beneficial effects.

What is the program ?
To optimize your approach, you must avoid blinding or improvising. For seven days, you will put under the spotlight specific foods that will stimulate your liver for a cleansing of your entire body. Here is a typical example of a day :

Start the day with half a glass of warm water with the juice of a lemon
Then take a turkey breast natura farms keto with a slice of gluten-free bread
A piece of goat cheese comes to conclude this first meal of the day
You can alternate with a plate of seasonal fruit dice and a handful of almonds (not forgetting lemon water, a must)

Your lunch will start with a large plate of raw vegetables
As a main course, choose a fish and serve it with steamed vegetables
Seasoning allowed: rapeseed oil and / or spices
Dessert: none
4 pm snack
This step is not mandatory, to manage according to hunger felt . You can take a handful of almonds if you feel the need.

Having dinner
In the evening, you are advised to alternate: one evening 100% vegetarian , one evening with animal proteins

To begin, a soup or raw vegetables
A plate of quinoa or lentils (vegetarian) OR fish (animal proteins)
Accompaniment: cooked vegetables
Dessert: none

What should I drink during this week?
You must drink at least 1.5 liters of water . You are also entitled to tea (obviously no sugar) and up to three cups of coffee. That’s all.

By varying the seasonings, fish and vegetables, you will not feel tired during this week. It might even inspire you to discover new flavors! You could also lose weight, a detox is very effective for that .

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