Savory essential oil: what benefits during pregnancy?

Savory essential oil: what benefits during pregnancy?

Nicknamed “pepper” or “herb of Saint Julien”, the savory remains an aromatic plant with condiments and medicinal properties . However, the use of its essential oil during pregnancy should be given special attention.

The benefits of aromatherapy to savory during pregnancy
Pregnancy is a happy time in life, but it can be accompanied by stress and anxiety . Aromatherapy can better appreciate this important moment of a woman’s life, with serenity and joy. Provided that its use is made with common sense and sparing.

That’s why the benefits of aromatherapy need to be nuanced during pregnancy. From the 4th month on and exclusively on medical advice, the precious essential oil based on thyme with leaves of savory can be used by the pregnant woman.

Presenting anti-infectious properties, savory EO is able to fight fungi , viruses and bacteria. Anti-pathogenic, it is effective in relieving digestive disorders, pain, mild tension, urinary tract infection or cystitis. With its therapeutic properties, it ensures a light digestion and prevents states of general fatigue.

As an aromatic plant, savory is generally beneficial to pregnancy. Thanks to its magnesium content, it strengthens the body and reduces stress . It also helps to sleep better and stops cramps. Used as an infusion or herbal tea, it also has the ability to reduce contractions. If it is eaten fresh or dried, its essential oil must be used with the utmost caution.

Use of HE: precautions to take during pregnancy
As a general rule, essential oils should be used with the utmost caution in pregnant and lactating women, but also in infants and young children (under 15 years). Savory essential oil should be avoided by people with liver problems and high blood pressure.

Used sparingly, aromatherapy can be dangerous for pregnancy. Unless medical advice, it is not recommended to use it during the first trimester, at the risk of causing poisoning of the fetus. In all cases, the dermal route should be preferred over the oral route, with a dilution in a vegetable oil (up to 10 to 20%).

It is essential to avoid exposure to the sun after application of these complex oils. The duration of use of EOs should be short. And you should avoid applying these HE on the near parts of the baby, like the abdominal belt. Each essential oil has a specific dosage and must be strictly adhered to.

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