Vegan diet: the typical breakfast

Increasingly popular, the vegan diet aims to reconcile ecology and health. Unlike the vegetarian diet, which excludes only animal flesh, it consists of eating without any animal products: eggs and honey are therefore forbidden to “vegan” eaters.

If weight loss is not the cause of this diet, nothing prevents you to cumulate the objectives. But if you start, how to know what to eat to maintain a good balance of food, without fattening and without creating deficiency? To start your vegan day, here is your typical menu for three breakfasts. You will only have to create your own variations and to vary the recipes for all the following days. Enjoy your meal !

Typical menu: three vegan and gourmet breakfasts!
Day 1
– A hot chocolate with coconut milk (to lose weight, prefer xylitol to cane sugar to sweeten it) – A large bowl of homemade muesli with almond milk – A fresh fruit

Day 2
– A great homemade green smoothie with vegetable yoghurt, fruits and lettuce- A slice of wholemeal bread spread with almond puree

Day 3
– A cup of green tea without sugar – A sugar-free applesauce with almond powder and a handful of oatmeal – A plain soy yogurt

Need ideas for your vegan and slimming breakfast? Thanks to our menu examples, you have a good start to your day!

How to find the balance between thinness and veganism at breakfast?
To get all the necessary contributions to your body by eating vegan, it is necessary to prevent certain deficiencies at breakfast. These three tips should help you:

– Consume vegetable sources of iron (cocoa, almonds, lettuce …) associated with sources of vitamin C (like fruits) to facilitate their absorption

– Do not forget calcium. If in doubt, put on enriched vegetable milk to accompany your morning cereals.

– Have your vitamin B12 levels checked: this is the most common deficiency in vegans.

And if you have good digestion, do not hesitate to eat a lot of raw foods. You will benefit from a maximum of nutrients, and in addition you will chew long: ideal to be well satiated, without eating too much and therefore without getting fat! For purists, the raw diet is an option.

In addition, for your figure, avoid foods that are too calorific, prefer home-made food, and especially try to eat without added sugar! Whatever the diet, sugar is always the worst enemy of the line … Finally, for your health always prefer organic vegetables.

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