What foods are allowed in a high protein diet?

The high protein diet is one of the most famous . This is particularly due to the fact that it is very effective without causing feelings of hunger. It relies on authorized foods with high satiety , like lean proteins.

Foods allowed in a high protein diet
If there are several variations of this diet, we will generally find the same base of food not only allowed … but especially recommended for a natural and effective weight loss , without fatigue stroke at the key:

Lean meats or lean cuts of certain types of meat
The fish
Vegetable proteins (seitan, tofu …)
Depending on the type of high protein diet, this list may also include 0% dairy products (yogurt, cottage cheese). To this protein base are added of course green vegetables, often at will and that we will focus on organic.

It is important to remember that to benefit from the slimming benefits of these foods, cooking lightly is essential: they are therefore steamed, grilled … but especially not fried or drowned in sauce!

The effectiveness of these foods to lose weight
This list of authorized foods allows you to lose weight easily without feeling hungry , and without k2 slim keto┬áseeing your muscle mass “melt”. Other plans have this kind of negative consequences. This is not the case of the high protein diet.

The latter limits the intake of carbohydrates, which also keeps the blood sugar level low, thus promoting the elimination of stored fat in the body.

The high-protein diet also limits the yoyo effect over time , because even after several weeks, getting used to consuming enough good proteins makes new reflexes, and greatly reduces the risk of cracking.

However, it is important to remember to hydrate well, to avoid water retention, swollen belly and slow digestion , which would compromise the fact of getting a nice flat stomach in a few weeks for example.

In case of pregnancy or breastfeeding, the advice of a doctor is essential.

How long does this diet last?
It all depends on the objectives of each . For sustained weight loss, it takes on average 0.5 to 1 kilogram lost per week, which allows to anticipate a number of weeks or months at this rate.

Whatever the duration chosen, a phase of transition and gradual reintegration of “forbidden” foods must be anticipated in order to avoid unwanted weight gain. For this reason, following a program like the Dukan diet or being accompanied by a nutritionist and a sports coach can really make a difference.

Be careful not to abuse proteins. The human body does not need it in excess, even when one is athletic.

In the end, because it is easy to set up and follow and extremely effective, the high protein diet seems there to last. It’s a good way to achieve your weight goals without too much deprivation.

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