Where to find animal protein?

What is animal protein? These are nutrients from animals. They are part of our diet, as are carbohydrates and sugar (in small quantities) including.

Où trouver les protéines animales ?

Some diets are even based on daily and almost exclusive consumption of protein to lose weight. The best known is the Dukan diet. This protein intake can not be neglected and it avoids fat gain.

In addition to a sports practice like bodybuilding, where to find animal protein and what foods are concerned?

Many animal proteins can be found in eggs because they are foods that are 12% composed of them. Egg yolk is richer in protein than white. These proteins are considered a reference because of their important amino acid composition, fully absorbable by our body.

What’s better than meat to get a high content of animal protein? With an average of about 20% protein, meat is a great way to bring this kind of essential nutrients to your body.

The one that contains the most is obviously the flank of beef (with more than 30% protein), followed by the beef fillet. Also know that the cooking method is not something innocuous. Indeed, if you choose a long cooking mode, the food will lose water but will have a higher protein content. Pork and steak are also particularly interesting to bring you the essential proteins everyday.

Milk powder alone contains more than 35% protein. It is also very rich in calcium, particularly beneficial for your bones. This is the winner in this list. Know that all milks are rich in protein.

Although some cheeses contain more protein than others (like Parmesan for example), they all have a significant content of animal protein. Those with uncooked pressed paste contain more than soft and marbled cheeses.

It is an excellent source of protein, but also of many other nutrients and vitamins, particularly important for our body. Fish has an average of 22% animal protein. The one that contains the most is tuna. On average, fish should be consumed at least twice a week, including oily fish such as salmon. The smaller the fish, the lighter it is in heavy metals. Sardines and other small fish are therefore recommended.

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