Witch hazel: benefits against water retention?

Water retention is a recurring problem for many people. Witch hazel is a plant whose properties are known for its benefits.

The benefits of witch hazel
What is witch hazel? It is a shrub whose leaves are reminiscent of those of hazel. It is sometimes called hazel hazel. This plant has many medicinal properties. Several health authorities, such as the World Health Organization, Commission E and ESCOP, recognize its effectiveness.

You may be wondering: what’s the use of witch hazel?

Hamamelis is rich in flavonoids and tannins, the benefits of which are known to tighten blood vessels and tissues.

This is why it is used in bath against hemorrhoids. But it helps to fight against edema and reduce cellulite, resulting in weight loss on the scale and a loss of centimeters.

Use of witch hazel
My legs are swollen, I feel heavy, how to do? To take advantage of the virtues of witch hazel, several solutions are available to you, among which:

– In herbal tea: prepare a mixture that consists of 25 g of red vine and 25 g of witch hazel. Mix and then take 5 grams of the mixture that you infuse into 250 ml of liquid to obtain an herbal tea to drink. Keep the rest of the mixture to make other herbal teas during the day (up to 3 per day)

– In homeopathy, take 5 granules twice a day

– In massage: mix a tablespoon of witch hazel water with a teaspoon of cornstarch and half a glass of Aloe Vera gel. Pour into a saucepan, heat in a bain-marie to obtain a satisfactory consistency, then let cool

You can also find witch hazel in a multitude of forms: cream, gel, drops, gelules, organic essential oil …

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, seek the advice of a health professional before testing these methods, it can inform you about the different cons indication.

Other tips for finding a pretty skin
Follow these tips to say goodbye to swelling, in life nothing is all black or white, everything is about nuances and good behavior:

– Drink enough each day, without overdoing it (1.5 L on average) – Practice a regular activity, even a simple walk- Do not wear clothes too tight- Make sure you have a balanced diet- Do not abuse coffee and the alcohol

The witch hazel is an effective and natural plant to find a tonic body and without swelling.

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